EM ONE – June 2015 Still Up All Night – Urology Dogma Challenge Especiale!

Kidney Stone Dogma Challenge

Here is the June Late Night Lit Review. There have been several good, potentially practice changing, articles on the management of kidney stones in the last year. I decided to do a deep dive on the management of Renal Colic, and what you can do to make your patients better faster.

  1. US vs CT for diagnosis (practice changer)**
  2. What a “negative” Renal US means in suspected Kidney stones?
  3. Tamsulosin (Flomax) is dead for kidney stones (practice changer)**
  4. Renal Colic PAIN – what works best?
  5. Lidocaine for renal colic
  6. IV Fluids don’t seem to help.

If you need some music to read to, here are, the Kidney Stones… kinda Gogol Bordello-esqe (Song 1) one song, then moves on to Dropkick Murphy (song 3)…


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