How to Harness FOAMEd and Use This Site

Emergency Medicine ONE: The Front Page of Community Emergency Medicine.

 — Harnessing FOAM to Change  Community Emergency Medicine Practice

Most Emergency Medicine physicians leave academics and move to a “community practice.”  We give up research, backup, and all the comforts of academic medicine to take care of the majority of Americans while also having lives outside of medicine.

Most of us do the daily grind without the benefit of residents and conferences to keep us on the cutting edge — we have to keep our practices current on our own.

FOAM** has spurred HUNDREDs of EM websites, blogs, and resources about emergency medicine.   If you have time, GO READ THEM.

If not, spend 10-15 minutes here every month, and hopefully I can change the way you will practice on your NEXT ED shift.

How to use this site:

1. Monthly posts.  If I have nothing that will change your practice, I won’t waste your time.

2. If you only have two minutes, click the ” *PRACTICE CHANGING ” tab on the right and read  the blue summary to see if you think this could help you.

3. If you have time, I will reference other fantastic reviews of the same topic — your time will be well spent.

**FOAM – Free Open Access Medical Education

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