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1. A-1 (Analgesia First) Sedation for intubated patients

Practice Change:  WOW, we all need to be doing this TODAY. What we do in the ED DOES matter and is linked to a HUGE mortality benefit.  I will be using Fentanyl as the primary agent for pain control after … Continue reading

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2. The Art of Cervical Spine Clearance in the ED

Take Home: Every ED physician knows the theory of the clinical evaluation of a traumatic cervical spine injury. The details of the clinical decision rules, however, are important, but not well appreciated.  If you put together the two main rules, you can effectively … Continue reading

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3.  Intra-arterial Stroke Treatment: Finally has a positive study (or 4)

Practice Change:  These new intraarterial interventions WORK on patients with large ACA and MCA  strokes seen on imaging.  The NNT to provide a patient with functional independence is 8.  The window of intervention is increased up to 12 hours after last … Continue reading

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